Hearing session of students from “Pacific Primary  and High School” at BCU

🔅🔅 Students at Parcific Primary and High School had the opportunity to attend a recent audience at the Marketing class of lecturer John Bayarong at BCU. Students here had the opportunity to experience an international environment of Birmingham City University in Vietnam along with the process of exchanging and accessing directly with international scholars and lecturers with advanced degrees at BCU.
🥰 The hearing was intended to provide students with more opportunities to fully experience different teaching and learning methods, including case studies and group and individual.
👉 Besides, the Marketing class taught by Mr. John Bayarong also conducted presentations where you could improve your communication skills and promote your bilingualism with a 100% English-taught program.
💞💞 BCU vô cùng vinh hạnh với sự góp mặt của các bạn học sinh trường Pacific Primary and High School đã dành thời gian tham gia buổi dự thính để chúng ta có nhiều cơ hội được hiểu nhau. Hy vọng chúng ta có thể gặp lại nhau trong những sự kiện sắp tới tại BCU nhé!
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