Study at BCU- receive the opportunity to be employed by big corporation

🌟 In the upcoming semester, there must be many students entering the internship with the purpose of allowing them to experience an effective corporate internship environment and improve their skills and knowledge for the future.
🌟 Choosing a reputable intern company and choosing a company with a "good" salary is always a concern of many students.
👉 But when studying at the BCU program, students will not have to worry about choosing an internship because BCU will always introduce students to the largest and most prestigious enterprises for students to have an internship to develop further their ability at work.
👩‍🎓 With the professional training environment at BCU, students here have completely experienced management positions in a variety of industries.
🔅 Besides, during and after the internship, you will have a great opportunity to sign a working contract and become a full-time employee right from the time you are a student of BCU. BCU will bring you internships suitable for your field of study so that you can unleash your potential with the company's leadership.
🌟 Coming to BCU Vietnam, the students not only learn the knowledge taught in the textbooks but also create job opportunities for themselves with multinational corporations as well as successfully apply the practical knowledge that you have learned from the "minded and knowledgeable" lecturers at BCU Vietnam.
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