Student Sports Day at University of Economics and Law

On December 22, the University of Economics and Law held a Sports Day for all students. With the participation of students from different faculties, the contest took place very excitingly. Of course, the participation of BCU students was indispensable.

BCU students have satisfied their passion for sports after stressful hours in the lecture hall. With the best efforts of the players along with the enthusiastic cheers from a large number of fans, this year's BCU team was honored to take home 6 prestigious awards for the home team:

Men's Doubles First Prize: Pham Hong Nghia – Nguyen Huu Quoc Nam
Men's and Women's Doubles 1st Prize: Pham Hong Nghia – Hoa (Uog)
Men's and Women's Doubles 3rd Prize: Nguyen Viet Hoang – Nguyen Huu Na

Table Tennis
Second Prize in Men's Singles: Ngo Trung Hieu

Tug of war: Consolation prize

Cross Country Running
TOP 10: Trinh Quang Linh, Pham Nguyen Quoc Huy

Trong suốt quá trình hội thi, các bạn sinh viên BCU đã thể hiện rằng mình không chỉ giỏi ở lĩnh vực học tập, mà còn rất năng động và tài năng trong lĩnh vực thể thao.

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