Happy Vietnamese Women's Day 2018

On the last Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20, BCU had exciting activities on the occasion of women's day. In order for the girls to have a meaningful and memorable day, the "male gods" of BCU organized a surprise and exciting party with extremely cute gifts.

Lovely gifts, lovely crafts decorated around the classroom space, and meaningful wishes prepared by the boys are the greatest spiritual gifts for female students of BCU on this special day. Besides, there are also fun and entertaining games to exchange and laugh with, which have also been carefully planned by the boys.

The event was held in a warm atmosphere with the participation of many beautiful boys and girls from BCU. The boys have carefully prepared the most meaningful gifts to congratulate the girls of the school on the occasion of October 20. Hopefully today's cute and witty gifts and wishes will be a lasting memory during your student journey at Birmingham City University.

Wishing BCU girls a lot of happiness, success on the chosen path and always shining!

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