FBU – BCU Admissions Counseling Day 2021

On April 11, the Admissions Counseling Day program at Hanoi University of Science and Technology took place extremely smoothly and attracted a lot of attention from students. Birmingham City University Vietnam, in collaboration with the Hanoi University of Finance and Banking, created an extremely interesting booth and attracted the attention of a large number of students participating in the program.The atmosphere of the Festival was extremely lively with the presence of booths from most colleges and universities, large and small in the city, and most importantly, the attendance of students as well as parents from many provinces across the country.

Here, the students were guided by the teachers in the Advisory Board very passionately on how to choose the right school and major, along with the majors that Birmingham City University Vietnam offers. Birmingham City University Vietnam is always a choice that is extremely trusted by parents and students to bring you to the path of your dreams. Therefore, on Admission Day 2021, the school received a lot of consideration from parents and students in many areas around the country. After this day, many students chose Birmingham City University Vietnam as a destination for their university years.

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